1. Government Frontend Component Guide
  2. Print link


Print link

A link with a print icon

How it looks (preview all)

How to call this component

<%= render "components/print-link", {
  href: "/print-this"
} %>

Accessibility acceptance criteria

The print icon must be presentational and ignored by screen readers.

Links in the component must:

  • accept focus
  • be focusable with a keyboard
  • be usable with a keyboard
  • indicate when they have focus
  • change in appearance when touched (in the touch-down state)
  • change in appearance when hovered
  • be usable with touch
  • be usable with voice commands
  • have visible text

Other examples

Custom link text (preview)

<%= render "components/print-link", {
  link_text: "Print me",
  href: "/print-me"
} %>