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Volunteer as a school governor

Could you help set a school's direction and ensure that its budget is properly managed?

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What is it?

The governing body is the strategic decision-making body in each school and academy. It has a crucial role in making sure every child gets the best possible education.

Governing bodies:

  • set the school’s strategic direction
  • hold the head teacher to account for a school’s performance
  • ensure that the school’s budget is properly managed

Governing bodies meet at least once a term. Many use sub-committees to look at more detailed aspects of their work and advise them on decisions. Committees often look at issues like pupil performance, the curriculum, staffing, finance and premises.

How can I get involved?

Governing bodies need committed and enthusiastic people with relevant skills. Training can be provided and there are many sources of advice and support available.

Governors are volunteers, but can receive ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

The Inspiring Governors Alliance was launched in May 2014 to encourage more people to get involved. You can find out more about becoming a governor from the Inspiring Governors website.

You can also contact a school local to you, or your local council, to find out how to become a school governor. SGOSS, the governor recruitment charity, helps to recruit governors with useful business skills and matches them with local schools. Inspiring the future helps people from the world of work volunteer in schools in a range of ways, including as governor.

Information and resources for governors are available from the National Governors’ Association. The Department for Education also offers information and guidance including the Governors’ Handbook which explains the role of governors.