Girl Landscaping studies (Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh)

These three landscaping studies explore the lives of adolescent girls in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh


Between February and May 2016, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned landscaping studies exploring the lives of adolescent girls in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Employing a range of qualitative and participatory approaches, the research endeavoured to complement insights from earlier literature reviews with the “thick description” characteristic of ethnographic research. The resulting report represents this effort to understand girls’ lives in context – through their eyes and their aspirations. While rich in detail and grounded in locally led research, as with any research it cannot definitively capture and represent all of the experiences of the millions of girls living in these countries.

Nonetheless, the authors hope that by listening to girls and their parents, this report can provide a window into girls’ lives, and be a catalyst for future work to understand girls and meet their needs.

This research was funded under the ‘Assets to Adolescent Girls Initiative’ programme


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Published 20 April 2017